My Name is Scott James and I’d Like Your Vote

Johnstown is a great community. Filled with wonderful neighborhoods and friendly people actively working to fulfill their hopes and dreams. Julie and I, both Colorado natives, moved here 18-years ago with the dream of owning a home, starting our family and becoming involved in a community we would call our home. As quaint as it may sound, God has blessed us and we are living that dream!

I’ll post another blog later today about the deeper story behind my involvement in Johnstown government, where we are today and where we can be in the future.

Johnstown is a great place, but our citizens and businesses deserve more!

  • We deserve to prosperously thrive and responsibly grow as a community.
  • We deserve improved amenities.
  • We deserve sound infrastructure.
  • We deserve the continued safety and security already provided by the noble efforts of the Johnstown Police Department, who propelled us to number eight on the list of the 20 Safest Cities in Colorado published by SafeWise.
  • We deserve improved relationships with community organizations and neighboring communities and governments.
  • We deserve to take our place at the table of regional leadership and help Northern Colorado responsibly grow and prosper as a region.
  • YOU deserve attentive and responsive leadership focused on creating the best environment for your families and businesses.

I believe I am the person with the experience and vision to help keep Johnstown moving in these positive directions.

Kind Johnstown friends, it would be my honor to serve as your Mayor. On April 5, may I have your vote?

Scott James for Mayor

Experienced. Competent. Committed.

A Strong Voice for Johnstown.

Ways you can help…

First and Foremost – Please Vote! This is a mail ballot election. Ballots will be mailed in mid-March and are due back to the Town Clerk’s office by 5:00 p.m. on April 5, 2016. You may also vote in person on that day.

Social media love never hurts. Please share this and future posts about our campaign.

Invite me to speak at your community organization. I love sharing my passion for our community and the bright future we have ahead of us.

Campaign with me. The above-depicted sign and pamphlets are on order and should be in within a week. Can I put a sign in your front yard (limited to Johnstown friends only, please. I am on a budget.)? Would you hand out a pamphlet or two for me? I’d be very appreciative. Please contact me via email – me [at] scottkjames [dot] com – or by phone at 970-227-8386 (feel free to text that number – just kindly let me know who you are).

And there’s always the money thing. Signs, pamphlets and communicating a vision cost money. If you never envisioned yourself “in politics,” but hate the tone of political discourse in this nation (I most certainly do), then it all starts at the local level. The solutions won’t come from Washington, D.C. or even Denver; they’ll come from us in Johnstown and Milliken and in Northern Colorado. It all starts in your own backyard and it happens $20 and $30 at a time. I am honored you would even consider giving and you can do so here…

Donate Now!


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