I’m Addicted to the Clean Slate

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The Key Has Always Been to Write

I have maintained this website for years. Literally. Years! But I don’t have two posts worth two poops on this entire site. I communicate everyday and love to write. So why isn’t this site robust?


That simple.

In 2014, the fear goes away.



Updating for the sake of updating on the fly with the mobile app for WordPress.



A Thousand Unfinished Thoughts

This blog costs only a handful of dollars a year to maintain. $15 a year to renew the domain name and a out $120 a year to host it on a server somewhere in cyberspace.

I have been maintaining it for years and I only post on it six or seven times a year. I have so very few followers – this thing will go days on end without a single page view. So why do I do it?
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Here’s a video test…

Can I upload directly from Mr. iPhone 5 to my blog? Can I dictate into my fancy-schmancy iPhone five and have whatever this little microphone is it bounces up and down interpret me. Let’s find out, this could be very cool. Oh, this little microphone is too damn cool!


So How Am I Doing with this Post a Day Idea?

It really was my intent to do this daily. We’re too damn busy preparing for our Hawaiian vacation. Gotta work four weeks straight to take two weeks off.

I am posting this from my iPhone 5 again – more as a test to see if I can do this as a place to dump pics and vids from Hawaii. Looks like it’s going to work. Wonder if they have 4G there?

Aloha… Merry Christmas!



Greetings from iPhone 5

I said on my birthday – 12/9 – that I would post everyday for a year. I broke that promise on Day 1. Now I’m back, but with a very small post from my shiny new iPhone. Let’s see how this little app works.

The following will be voice dictation…

Testing 123 this is a test of the voice dictation gadget on my shiny new iPhone I’m feeding this directly into the WordPress app to think I could blog driving down the road this concludes this test

Well, the punctuation sucks, but it holds some promise. Have a nice day.


So this is 50…

50. Celebrated that birthday today.

Remember when we were kids and how we viewed someone who was 50. Ancient. Funny, now I have arrived there myself.

I have so many dreams and goals I wanted to accomplish by this birthday. Some I have attained and on others I have fallen woefully short.

One of those goals is to blog – everyday – during my 50th year.

Today’s entry will be short in that I am dog tired. But it is an entry nonetheless.

Blog entry for Day 1 accomplished. We’ll pick up again here tomorrow.


From the Coloradoan: Colorado pot vote mirrors party lines that re-elected Obama

Hmmmmm. The article indicates that county-by-county victories in Colorado mirrored the vote to legalize marijuana. Go figure.

Complete article HERE.

In the view of several political observers, Obama’s broad support may have played a big hand in the passage of Amendment 64, which legalized possession and use of up to an ounce of marijuana by people 21 and older.

Draw your own conclusions. The only thing surprising in this news item is the fact that the authors view Larimer County as a “swing” county.

Obama won all three of the heavily populated swing counties — Arapahoe, Jefferson and Larimer — that have become reliable predictors of the state’s results.

Come on, Larimer has been in the bag for the liberals for at least ten years. If anyone believes Larimer is a swing county, or for that matter – Colorado is a swing state – they have been enjoying some of the new found freedom offered by Amendment 64.




Hello. I’m here to marry your daughter.

From Fox 31 yesterday – original story HERE.

Weirdos roam the earth right here in our backyard. Innocent homeowner is getting ready for bed. Hears a strange “hello” from his living room. Some random dude claims God sent him to marry homeowner’s daughter.

According to Larimer County Sheriff’s Office spokesman John Schulz, when he was questioned, the man told the homeowner he had been “sent by God to marry his daughter.”

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