A Writer Writes, Right?!

Our company has a “digital initiative.” It’s iHeart Media’s endeavor to become a multi-media company. Yes, our roots are in radio, but our endeavor expands into websites and podcasts and streaming audio and streaming video. Digital. That which feeds to not only your ears, but your eyes. We’re on your speakers and on your Writer’s Block I by Drew Coffman, on Flickrscreens. We’re everywhere, baby! And we truly are a multi-media company – through our multi-media platform we reach one-quarter billion consumers a month worldwide. That’s a lot of ears and eyes!

In that I am a personality for this media company, the expectation is that I contribute to this media frenzy. I agree with the expectation. I am challenged by it and accept the expectation. But it scares the crap out of me. Here’s why.

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Remembering the Fictitious Characters We Lost in 2014

It won’t be long before the self-serving awards shows honoring pretty people will be on TV. The Oscars. The Golden Globes. People’s Choice. Screen Actors’ Guild. All that other vapid crap that my wife will lap up like a thirsty hound. And undoubtedly these shows will feature a touching “In Memoriam ” segment honoring the actors, directors, etc. who passed in 2014. Sure, it’s sad that we’ve lost the likes of Edward Herrmann, Joan Rivers, Richard Attenborough and Robin Williams in the past year – so honor them up!

But never has the passing of a Hollywood type caused such hand-wringing, mourning, weeping and gnashing of teeth around the James household than did the passing of Jax Teller. Charlie Hunnam, the actor who portrayed Jax, is still alive and well. That matters not to Mrs. James. In Julie’s world, Jax did a voluntary face plant into the front end of an 18-wheeler and that is cause for much grief. Forget that Charlie lives, Jax is dead and that’s all that matters.

So the way I see it, sometimes the passing of a fictitious character causes more disdain than does the passing of the actor themselves. That’s why I was thrilled to see this memorial reel honoring the fictitious characters we lost in 2014. We mourn the passing of their characters and the spin offs that could have been…

(Spoiler alert – if you’re not caught up on your favorite TV shows, don’t watch this, if you know what I mean…)


Mig-29s and Su-25s Take Off from a Highway in Belarus

Apparently back in the old cold war days, some countries (not ours, we spend enough money to have proper runways) would practice aircraft landings and takeoffs on long stretches of highway; presumably so they would be prepared to use these highways for aircraft operations should their nation’s one or two airports get blown to smithereens.

Well, for some reason the folks in Belarus have begun this practice again. Why? That’s what spooks me. Why do I get the feeling Vlad Putin is involved. We all know he’s a crazy som bitch.

Regardless of how it spooks me, the YouTube is pretty cool for a plane nerd like me. Fellow plane nerds, enjoy…


Five Weird Ways Guys Hurt Their Junk Last Year

Wine Bottle Opener by michaelnpatterson, on Flickr

by  michaelnpatterson

And while we’re going down this path, let’s also do eight things that got stuck inside us. This is a dark and crass article I write – and it’ll be like the solar eclipse – you know you’ll burn your eyes if you look, but you’ll look anyway. Well, probably not you. You know you’re entirely too classy to click “Read More…”

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This Guy Just Made the Cup Song Bad Ass!

By and large, I have found the Cup Song dumb. So very tween. Anna Kendrick is okay, but the song has always kind of struck me wrong. That’s because I’m old. I’m not supposed to be entertained.

But enter this guy. Jim Huish from Amber’s Drive. Amber’s Drive is a Nashville band and Jim Huish is a band member and 100% by-God second amendment loving bad ass. How do I draw that conclusion? Watch…

Bad. Ass.