An Interchange Discussion Update

And another thing…

As a good friend observed, “it’s a shame you don’t get paid by the word.” The issue is long and complex and I have a strong desire to communicate the status and let you know what goes through my head. Even though I burned up 3,400 words explaining the I-25/Highway 34/Highway 402 situations HERE, after more than 2,000 views on that post folks have let me know that I have left off some details. So here goes…

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Righteous vs. Reality: My Thoughts on I-25 Interchanges

It was the evening of Friday, September 16, 2016, and I was cruising south on I-25 around 10:00 p.m. I had finished emceeing a wonderful charity event in Cheyenne and remember being happy – the interstate was moving well, it was a beautiful late summer evening and I was going to be home with my family in Johnstown at a reasonable hour. But right around Crossroads Boulevard, I encountered the brake lights.

We all know that feeling and have been there ourselves. We’re on NoCo’s main road – Interstate 25 – and we’re cruising along, making pretty good time, when we encounter the brake lights and mass of cars. Gridlock. Stand still. Time-wasting, productivity-killing, soul-sucking traffic jams. Sometimes it’s an accident. A flat tire. A traffic ticket. Even a piece of carpet or a cardboard box in the road. The tiniest little thing can bring this strained road to a screeching halt.

On the evening of September 16th, it wasn’t a tiny thing. Near the Big Thompson bridge the road narrowed to one lane as I maneuvered around the mass of state troopers, Loveland and Johnstown police, fire trucks and ambulances. As I passed by, I caught a glimpse of a SUV, wheels up, quite a way off the road. “That can’t be good,” I thought.

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Freedom, Liberty and the Cocktail Caucus

Political discourse in this nation has become unbearable. People way smarter than I have, are and will be studying the reasons why we as a citizenry have lost our ability to peaceably assemble and discuss, debate and arrive at a conclusion on the matters of self-governance. But it is difficult to argue that we have lost that ability to debate an issue, come to a consensus on a proper solution or, if necessary, agree to disagree.

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A Boys and Girls Club in Johnstown?!

I’m approaching my one-year mark as Mayor of Johnstown and my 15-year mark as a member of Town Council. Every second of that time has been an honor. During that tenure, one of the most constant comments I have received is that there is a lack of things for kids to do in our community. Most agree that Johnstown is a great place to raise a kid. But there is a decided lack of things for those kids to do. 

Enter Gretchen Dade.

Gretchen is a Johnstown mom and recruitment specialist for Banner Health. And, like many of us, Gretchen has a heart and passion for kids. Gretchen especially has a passion for Boys and Girls Clubs. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Weld County has faithfully served the youth of our community since 1964 and currently provides life-enhancing programming, services and opportunities to over 2,000 youth in Weld County ages 5-18. The Weld County Boys and Girls Club has clubs in East Greeley, West Greeley, Milliken, Galeton and Fort Lupton.

On the day Gretchen got Noland Eastin and me together with Todd Bale, Chief Professional Officer of the Weld Boys and Girls Club, at B’s Coffee, her desire was to see a club form in Johnstown.  [Read more…]


Celebrating Character in Our Community’s Kids

Once again I come to my blog after a multi-month hiatus and feel horrible for not taking the time to do what makes me feel great – write. I’m an expressive and communicative soul and I just feel better when I share the inner workings of my brain and heart and soul with the two or three people who might be bored enough to read such drivel.

With that said, everyone should take a minute to read this drivel, because it celebrates the hearts of Johnstown and Milliken’s kids.

Yesterday, I thumbed through the Greeley Tribune and spotted THIS story about Trish and Danny Yost’s boy, Dalton, team with his classmates to present a check to Mr. Burns. 

I am borrowing this snazzy logo – which is obviously someone’s creative work – without permission. That’s kind of an internet no-no. But it’s done with the purpose of enhancing the blog post and telling the story of Mr. Burns’ plight. If you’d like it removed, please drop me a note.

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Just Because…

I’m not even too sure what this song is about. I just know that it stirs something in my soul. Maybe it will stir something in yours. If not, take a couple minutes to do something – listen to something – speak with someone – watch something – that stirs your soul. How would 2017 be different if you took just a few minutes each day to nurture your soul? It would be profoundly different, I think – profoundly better.

Remember: I love you. I’m cheering fo you. I’m praying for you. Let’s make 2017 the year of #PleaseDoGoodStuff!