Thank You TRPR for Doing the Right Thing!

Do you remember when you lived for Friday nights? I do. I was doing a morning show “back in the day,” so I would get out of the radio station by around 2:00, workout, shower, put on “goin’ out clothes,” hit a couple happy hours and then “the clubs.” Those were the days…

Compare and contrast to last night – I get home, have a glass of wine, order a movie on iTunes, order pizza and fall asleep on the couch by 8:15. My wife snorts at me in anger (yes, anger), “Honey, why don’t you just go to bed!” So I do the zombie walk upstairs and plop down in the rack. Time: 9:45. Typical Friday night.

This morning I was awoken by the rain on the windows as the predicted storm rolled into town. I check the time on my phone – 4:32 – but also see several messages from folks asking what I thought of TRPR’s decision. Well, now I’m up. And I discover my friends on the TRPR board of directors had a far from normal Friday night. From their Facebook page…

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It’s About Principle, Not Personality

As I approached my 14th birthday I decided I would throw a party. I planned it for weeks. I cleaned out part of my mom’s basement, decorated, moved in couches and chairs, set up my stereo.  We were going to have pizza and pop and listen to music. Heck, if the music on AM 95 KIMN was right and the mood and the moment synchronized perfectly, boys and girls might even dance together! Dance! Right there in my mom’s basement!

As the day approached, I handed out invites to my besties at North Valley Middle School in LaSalle. This party was gonna be EPIC! The week came. And then the day. And then the hour! And then no one showed. Not a single soul. I was that pathetic, 8th-grade loser who threw a party and no one bothered to come. Pitiful, right? [Read more…]


My View on the Community Recreation Center Conversation

I have served on the Johnstown Council for 14-years and it has been my great honor. One of the things I have always admired about Council is how every member has a great deal of respect for “the body.” To a person, we all realize that we are just “one of seven,” and we act accordingly. We treat one another with respect, we have reasonable discussion and debate and we take every step possible to act in the best interest of the citizens of Johnstown.

I have always been very proud to be a member of a council that operates with such respect and decorum. Rarely have any of us spoken out on issues and I find that interesting. While gossipers have gossiped and social media has buzzed around us, we have largely remained silent; having patience that our eventual actions would speak louder than words and that the process would do what it’s supposed to do – govern – unaffected by all the talk.

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Yes, Someone Does Care…

Feeling down today? A little blue? I get that – I’m prone to the “blahs” and often wonder if what I do matters and if anyone really cares.

On this Good Friday, it’s so important to remember… [Read more…]


He Chose You

I get a kick out of the old-school superheroes because they led a dual life. They had a secret identity. Superman was mild-mannered Clark Kent; a humble reporter for the Daily Planet. Batman was Bruce Wayne, an American billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, and owner of Wayne Enterprises. When it came to choosing alter egos, Batman did a little better job than Superman.

They had one life by day, another by night.

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