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I've been VERY BLESSED to spend 30+ years in the media business. I don't want to jinx that, because it's not easy to do these days. And after 30-years, I've developed an opinion or two about the inner workings of America's Fourth Estate. Here's where I'll post - within the constraints I am under - about the media. Want an opinion about something in the media you don't read about here? Just drop me an email - - I'll gladly respond. Oh - and here's that "brain" thing again. What's with the "many brains?" Read all about that by clicking "About Scout" above.


A Writer Writes, Right?!

Our company has a “digital initiative.” It’s iHeart Media’s endeavor to become a multi-media company. Yes, our roots are in radio, but our endeavor expands into websites and podcasts and streaming audio and streaming video. Digital. That which feeds to not only your ears, but your eyes. We’re on your speakers and on your Writer’s Block I by Drew Coffman, on Flickrscreens. We’re everywhere, baby! And we truly are a multi-media company – through our multi-media platform we reach one-quarter billion consumers a month worldwide. That’s a lot of ears and eyes!

In that I am a personality for this media company, the expectation is that I contribute to this media frenzy. I agree with the expectation. I am challenged by it and accept the expectation. But it scares the crap out of me. Here’s why.

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THE INTERVIEW: Sony Reports Streaming Revenue Reaches $15 Million

The Wrap covers Hollywood. Like a couple zillion other blogs. How do these guys make money, anyway?

Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

I read a story there this AM postulating that Sony may make some cinematic pumpkin pie out of some PR chicken shit with The Interview.

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High Park Fire Breaking, Soon to Lead, as National News

In the web addition of the USA Today HERE.

From the article…

“The High Park Fire, which burns 15 miles west of Fort Collins, has been fueled by rugged terrain, dry conditions and low humidity. The Larimer County (Colo.) Sheriff’s office put the size of the fire at 14,000 acres.”

Since Sarah filed that article, the fire has grown to 20,000 acres – latest from Larimer County SO HERE.

Tough story to file, but congrats to Sarah Kyle for her hard work and a USA Today byline – thanks for working with us on the radio today!


A Day at the Radio Station

Me and my silly new photography bug. It’s not really an entire day at the station, just a few pics. Mainly to show off concert construction. When I tell people there is an amphitheater – the Thunder Mountain Amphitheater – attached to the radio station, they rarely believe me. Here’s some proof…


A Day at the Radio Station

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Random contol board pics for you fellow geeks.


Weatherman Throws a Fit and Walks Off

I love it when primadonna douche bags lose their mind. Read the weather, Skip, you ain’t curing cancer…



Is the American Dream Still Alive?

From this afternoon’s Inside Radio email:

The Radio Advertising Bureau says 2010 was a year of “consistent” growth, ending with a 6% increase in revenue industry-wide. The $17.3 billion finish is $1.3 billion more than what was put on the books in 2009. Automotive was back on top as the biggest ad category for the industry, totaling $1.8 billion. Spot revenue was up 6% last year, while both network and off-air dollars grew by 3%. Digital remains the fastest-growing segment, up 24% to $615 million.

Good to know I’m again in a growth business. 2009 was tough. I know 2010 was a great year around my office. [Read more…]