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I've been VERY BLESSED to spend 30+ years in the media business. I don't want to jinx that, because it's not easy to do these days. And after 30-years, I've developed an opinion or two about the inner workings of America's Fourth Estate. Here's where I'll post - within the constraints I am under - about the media. Want an opinion about something in the media you don't read about here? Just drop me an email - - I'll gladly respond. Oh - and here's that "brain" thing again. What's with the "many brains?" Read all about that by clicking "About Scout" above.


High Park Fire Breaking, Soon to Lead, as National News

In the web addition of the USA Today HERE.

From the article…

“The High Park Fire, which burns 15 miles west of Fort Collins, has been fueled by rugged terrain, dry conditions and low humidity. The Larimer County (Colo.) Sheriff’s office put the size of the fire at 14,000 acres.”

Since Sarah filed that article, the fire has grown to 20,000 acres – latest from Larimer County SO HERE.

Tough story to file, but congrats to Sarah Kyle for her hard work and a USA Today byline – thanks for working with us on the radio today!


A Day at the Radio Station

Me and my silly new photography bug. It’s not really an entire day at the station, just a few pics. Mainly to show off concert construction. When I tell people there is an amphitheater – the Thunder Mountain Amphitheater – attached to the radio station, they rarely believe me. Here’s some proof…


A Day at the Radio Station

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Random contol board pics for you fellow geeks.


Weatherman Throws a Fit and Walks Off

I love it when primadonna douche bags lose their mind. Read the weather, Skip, you ain’t curing cancer…



Is the American Dream Still Alive?

From this afternoon’s Inside Radio email:

The Radio Advertising Bureau says 2010 was a year of “consistent” growth, ending with a 6% increase in revenue industry-wide. The $17.3 billion finish is $1.3 billion more than what was put on the books in 2009. Automotive was back on top as the biggest ad category for the industry, totaling $1.8 billion. Spot revenue was up 6% last year, while both network and off-air dollars grew by 3%. Digital remains the fastest-growing segment, up 24% to $615 million.

Good to know I’m again in a growth business. 2009 was tough. I know 2010 was a great year around my office. [Read more...]


Maybe next year…

Seth Godin

Seth Godin

Seth Godin is the most creative thinker in marketing. Hell, he’s one of the most creative thinkers – period. Things to do in 2011: Read his blog. You won’t be disappointed. From today’s post

Maybe next year…

The economy will be going gangbusters

Your knowledge will reach critical mass

Your boss will give you the go ahead (and agree to take the heat if things don’t work out)

Your family situation will be stable

The competition will stop innovating

Someone else will drive the carpool, freeing up a few hours a week

There won’t be any computer viruses to deal with, and

Your neighbor will return the lawnmower.


You can ship, you can launch your project, you can make the impact you’ve been planning on.

 SO TRUE! I do this all the time. Make a list of excuses as to why I can’t be my most creative self. Excuses as to why I can’t do the work God designed me to do. Bottom line: We don’t do what we were designed to do out of fear of failure, mockery, etc. FEAR. Which is total and utter B.S. Life is too short and I’ve spent so much of it being afraid. And I’ve sat back and watched others capitalize on ideas I had years prior – all because of fear. Seems dumb, huh?!

Not in 2011. No more “maybe next year.” Now. This year. To borrow from Seth’s Linchpin book – in 2011, I need to “ship.”


Is the 1st Amendment Dead?

So I’m sitting here having my morning cigar (thank you, vacation) and thinking about a fellow broadcaster. You’ll chuckle when I tell you who it is…

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Agree or disagree with her – and I’m somewhere in between agree and disagree – Dr. Laura is a broadcast and publishing legend. Last night on Larry King Live, she hung it up. From Radio Ink headlines…

After a week of controversy over an on-air exchange in which she repeatedly used the n-word, Dr. Laura Schlessinger said on Larry King Live last night that she has decided to end her radio career at the end of this year, when her contract with Talk Radio Network runs out. Schlessinger, who earlier said using the term was wrong and apologized, told King, “I want to be able to say what’s on my mind and in my heart, and what I think is helpful and useful without somebody getting angry, some special interest group deciding this is the time to silence a voice of dissent and attack affiliates and attack sponsors.”

Make no mistake, what she said was wrong. Get a better account of the story, and audio of the exchange with the caller, via the Washington Post HERE.

And read Dr. Laura’s blog post about this whole mess HERE.

Again, what she said was wrong. She apologized. Repeatedly. But these days, that’s not good enough. If you have a slip of the tongue, there are those who want you to burn. They want your life destroyed. And the lives of your family. Now it can be argued that the weight of a nationally syndicated talk show is a heavy one – this I will not disagree with – but at the same time, let me offer perspective from a guy who has logged literally tens of thousands of hours behind a microphone in both music and talk formats: you’re gonna screw up. Your tongue is gonna slip. I screw up every day – EVERYDAY – when sitting behind a mic.

The whole goal when sitting behind that mic is to sound comfortable, at ease – to sound approachable and conversational – just like a couple old friends chatting over a cup of coffee or a beer. So think of yourself when you have that chat over a cup of coffee or a beer. Do you screw up? Cuss? Say things that are politically incorrect? Sometimes you become so at home in your studio, behind your mic and with your audience that your guard drops – and something slips out.

This happened to me when doing the James Gang and a group of activists and a couple dot ORG groups swept inwith such precission and accuracy it stunned me. I received thousands of emails – all copied to corporate legal – all demanding my job. It went beyond complaints, which I respect and responded to. It got personal. Vile. My home was threatened. My family threatened. My life was threatened. All because I had a slip of the tongue. My apology wasn’t good enough – and believe me, it was heartfelt. I was ashamed of what I said. But it wasn’t good enough. They wanted my job taken and for me to live in some sort of misery. Corporate legal stood behind me, I took the steps with the organizations that helped partially repair the damage of what I said, and the incident was eventually “made right.” But only in the eyes of some. To this day, others would just as soon I “burn.”

I believe there are individuals who profit by keeping us divided. I truly believe we should live as one – be a color blind, sexual orientation blind, difference blind society. I truly believe that. But I’m a white, middle-age, middle-class, middle-America, 1st and 2nd amendment loving, freedom and God worshiping conservative (gasp) man. So I must be a bigot, right? There are some who say I cannot even participate in the conversation because of the skin color I was born in to. I don’t have a horse in the race – a dog in the hunt.

Certain dot ORG groups would disappear if we accomplished Dr. King’s dream. No money to be made. No cameras to be outraged in front of. There are those who profit – who exist – be ensuring we stay divided.

So I can relate to what Dr. Laura is going through. In her heart, I am sure she is sorry for what she said. But that’s not good enough. The magnitude of what she is going through must be a thousand fold greater than what I experienced. She is a nationally syndicated host. I had a little talk show in Podunk, USA. A much bigger fish to fry. Much larger dollars to be extracted from supporters.

From the perspective of someone who studies media, she made some interesting comments…

“The reason is, I want to regain my First Amendment rights. I want to be able to say what’s on my mind and in my heart and what I think is helpful and useful without somebody getting angry, some special-interest group deciding this is the time to silence a voice of dissent and attack affiliates, attack sponsors. I’m sort of done with that.”

I believe that with Obama’s FCC and the voracity of political correctness as enforced by the dot ORG crowd, the 1st amendment as we’ve known and loved it is on life support. I’ve also theorized that a major talk show host - Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck or – yes – Dr. Laura – could shut the transmitter off, do streamed, podcast, blogged and social media enabled programs, and never skip a beat. Not one beat.

Dr. laura, I support you. Look for more – much more – to come from this media icon.


Well, this is new for me…

Tonight I’ll be a “stringer” for Brad Jones and his Face the State Network.  I’ll be reporting from the Ken Buck Victory Party at the Embassy Suites hotel in Loveland. Please join me. Please tweet me: @scottkjames. Please email me: me [at] scottkjames [dot] com with any and all info, tips and tidbits.

I’m used to being the host – let’s see how I do as the field guy!

I’ll attempt to post any and all photos/videos I take/receive on my Facebook and on this blog.

As they say in the biz… stay tuned!